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    Determine priority for multiple applications with "Always On Top" property?

    In the case where multiple applications are loaded that have the property to always be on top which applications would have priority?

    If two or more applications are written by different authors to be always on top and are loaded sequentially, they would obviously be competing to be the window that the user sees on top. Is it a simple case of which ever application with this property was loaded last would be the one the user saw on top or would the screen be constantly updating as the multiple applications compete to be displayed on the screen.

    I am thinking of doing something similar to what was discussed on this thread and realized it might be an issue if another application has the same property:


    Would a conflict be created and is there a way to resolve it?
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    Re: Determine priority for multiple applications with "Always On Top" property?

    increase teh Z-Order and use huge priority. Anyway there is really no way on making two apps that both require foreground to work at the same time. Thus the user should disable one of them

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