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    qml executeSql failure

    I installed qt_installer.sis and sqlite3.sis
    I copy the code from "declarative/sqllocalstorage/hello.qml"
    I created a qtquick app and packaged into sis. (use the command "qmake-symbian" and "make sis" on ubuntu10.04)
    But it can not get the right results,It has been shown "?"

    in code:

    var db = openDatabaseSync("QDeclarativeExampleDB", "1.0", "The Example QML SQL!", 1000000);
    text1.text += "\n"+db.version //I can got the version, I thought openDatabaseSync should be successful

    But when i modified the OfflineStoragePath use "viewer.engine() -> setOfflineStoragePath ("E: / / DB //");",I found app just created a ini file, but no database files.The openDatabaseSync function also failed

    on my ubuntu 10.04, it runs on the emulator ok.

    A few days ago, I used the same code to run successfully on my E71, but now the problem appears, the new APP can not use the database in qml.
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