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    Can we use Nokia External GPS module with Windows Mobile?

    Hi all, I'm developing a project for my college final semester. I'm doing that project in a Windows Mobile. I have an external GPS module enabled with bluetooth. I want to know is this possible to read data from the GPS module by using c# serial port connections. I need to read data like longitudes, latitudes, speed etc. Please respond me.

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    Re: Can we use Nokia External GPS module with Windows Mobile?

    Probably, but as Nokia does not have any Windows based mobiles, nor any that supports the C# programming language, you're better off asking on a Microsoft-related developer discussion forum:


    Tip: When you get to the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) forums, search there for supported serial comms APIs, which can be used with Bluetooth.

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    Re: Can we use Nokia External GPS module with Windows Mobile?

    Thanks for the reply. Sure I will ask any Windows Phone developer. From an example which I have seen in the wiki, shows that it can be used with any bluetooth enabled devices. So I'm that if Java can do it then C# too.

    Another help I need from you is, how to detect a deviation from the route with GPS, provided that we have latitudes-longitudes at particlar interval in the route. I have used Google Earth API to obtain those Geo Coordinate points. I know that using the speed calculation and time we can do this, but at the same time the speedo meter of the device and location detection capability are prone to errors which will make it difficult to work.

    So kindly provide me any solutions. It is possible with a program, because most GPS enabled phones are capable of detecting change/deviation in the route to quickly calculate a reroute.

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