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    Question How to get the IMEI Number

    Hi Everyone !!!

    I know how to get the IMEI of Mobile number using j2me application, But now how do i get the IMEI of windows mobile...

    the thing is i have installed j2me application on windows mobile. but not able to fetch the IMEI as it is there in my application.
    Since i have created application for Nokia 6220 Classic phone. I used the System.getProperty("com.nokia.mid.imei");

    But it not possible to get the imei.
    And can i please know do windows mobile support jsr 172...
    Please provide me some link.. for the same...

    I'm stuck ...Please reply


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    Re: How to get the IMEI Number

    Ask Windows Mobile related questions on Windows Mobile related forums: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/For...-US/categories

    Note that Microsoft doesn't support J2ME, but a device manufacturer might, so you may have to go to the device manufacturer's (Samsung, HTC, etc.) support forums (if any). And as the device manufacturers may use different J2ME implementations (if they use any), you may need to figure out how to do it (if it is possible at all) separately for each manufacturer (and in the worst case also for each different model for each different manufacturer).

    Alternatively, instead of using J2ME on Windows Mobile, try to use Microsoft's supported tools, programming languages and APIs to write your Windows Mobile apps (note that on the newer Windows Phone 7, Microsoft only allows C# and use of Microsoft's tools to create apps in the first place; much like Apple only allows the use of Objective-C and their Xcode tools for the iPhone).

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