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    Theme Creation Functions in websites developed using PHP Programming


    I am developing one website using PHP/MySQL technologies for mobile stuffs free upload / download for users.

    Now I want to create a tool in website where user just has to upload the image from his PC and then he/she can create/edit theme of his/her choice. However I don't to know this can be done because I don't know how to create .sis files for themes using PHP. Can anyone suggest me how can I do this ?

    Can anyone help me please ?

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    Re: Theme Creation Functions in websites developed using PHP Programming

    You'd need to install on your server the tools from Symbian/S60 SDK to build/make .sis/.sisx files on your server. They're command line tools. I don't know if there are any licensing restrictions in using the SDK tools this way, though.

    Note that in order to install the .sis files on Symbian 9 based devices, they also must be signed. Note also that in order to avoid UID (Unique ID) conflicts, you should only use UIDs assigned to you, if you distribute signed Symbian installation files (otherwie, if different apps from different sources use the same UID, the users will have problems installing/using the .sis files).

    Note also, that Nokia has not published exactly how Symbian/S60 UI theme packages are structured/created, so you need to reverse-engineer what Carbide.ui does (or see if there's anything useful in Symbian^3 source code, and assuming it doesn't do things differently from earlier S60 versions).

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