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Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues trying to pass the QA process for WGZ widgets using the APIBridge?

We've had an app fail, after waiting almost a month in the QA process, because the Widget Launcher file (required by OVI store because of a bug with the actual store itself not being able to execute these apps http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/ov...a-small-repair) wasn't signed even though I had indicated that the app was to be Expressed Signed. Both sis files packaged use the assigned UID provided by OVI/Nokia.

The most frustrating issue is that I had sent an email to PublishToOvi.Support@nokia.com to clairify if I had packaged the app correctly and they had replied back stating that all was good and to submit the app however the comments from the QA process seem to contradict the advise given in the email!

>> QA Comments

By Connie (VC-Sign)

SUMMARY: Submitted content contains embedded sis files that are not Symbian Signed.

ACTUAL RESULT: Submitted content contains embedded sis files that are not Symbian Signed.

EXPECTED RESULT: All embedded sis files should be Symbian Signed.

CORRECTIVE ACTION: Please submit your unsigned content so that it does not have embedded sis or resubmit your content with all embedded sis files signed by Symbian Foundation.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Ovi Publish Support team at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com

>> Original Email sent

Sorry for causing your frustration. The .sis file you have attached is packaged correctly. Please submit this to Ovi Publish and specify 0x20035ddc in the AppUID field. We will update the instructions to make them as clear as possible.

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In regards to steps 3 and 4 in the Widget_Launcher.pdf instructions:

I presume I need to add the signed widget launcher sis file into the widget installer package (it's not clear in the instructions)?

Both files are being Nokia express signed. So do I need to:

1) Submit the built widget launcher package sis file first to OVI store to be Nokia expressed signed then package the Nokia expressed signed launcher sis file with the widget installer package - build that package and submit the widget installer sis file to be Nokia expressed signed?


2) Do I add the non signed built widget launcher package sis file to the widget installer package, build the widget installer package and submit to Ovi store to be Nokia expressed signed? (The sis file attached is an example of this scenario).

This is all rather confusing and very frustrating!