I need to know how to send multiple SMS' automatically, without PyS60 show me "Already Sending" error ?

I tried to use e32.ao_sleep(5) , but this is insufficient if there is too many SMS', and it may need more than 5 sec which will lead to the same error.

I tried to use CallBack option in the messaging.sms_send(number, text, "7bit", callback) to recall messaging.sms_send() when messaging.EDeleted status happens, so I can avoid using sms_send() active object while it's busy - Already Sending error - and not wasting time using e32.ao_sleep(5) , or freezing my application using (While loop).

So if any one can give me an idea how this could be done - Sending multiple SMS' automatically - that would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Long live PyS60.