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    HELP!! Cant not access to the API!


    I am developing (or trying to develop MIDlets using JBuilder and Nokia Developer's Suite), and to learn how to do it, i am reading the document Brief_Introduction_to_Networked_MIDlets_v1_0.pdf that I downloaded from the Forum Nokia Webpage.

    But, when i try to make the proyect in the JBuilder 8, he said:

    "SumServlet.java": Error #: 314 : cannot access class java.io.Serializable; class not found: class java.io.Serializable

    "SumServlet.java": Error #: 314 : cannot access class java.io.PrintWriter; class not found: class java.io.PrintWriter at line 87, column 52

    I guess it is a problem of the JDK that i have chosen in the Project->Properties, but i have tried to changed to another and it never finds them!!!

    Why the SDKs that i use dont have all the classes defined in the API??

    How can i resolve my problem?

    Anybody could help me???


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    in the j2me api you have like 10% of the j2sdk classes.

    there is no interface serializable
    there is no PrintWriter class
    in j2me

    if you use them of course you get this kind of 'class not found' message ;-)

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