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    how to disconnect on 7650


    I am testing different access points on a Nokia 7650. In order to change from an access point to another, I would like to explicitely disconnect rather than wait for the connection time out.
    When browsing with the wml browser we have access to a "disconnect" item, but once a midlet has made a connection I don't know how to disconnect, even after exiting the midlet.
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    no answer from me :-p

    but i have a similar problem: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...threadid=20456

    it seems the 7650 does not disconnect until you close the midlet. the same midlet on other phones 'close' the connection. in fact different phones close connection that are no longer used.

    i did not find a way yet to teach the 7650 that the connection can be closed. as long as the midlet runs a gprs connection i can not send mms and use wap... which is bad as the midlet is supposed to run in background.

    anyone knows this should get something :-)

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