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    please help me, problem in nokia C7-00 :S


    I have a problem with nokia c7-00, if I wanted to copy any video to, it works in low and bad quality, i don't know why

    I tried many formats, but they all worked in a low quality, I tired those formats of video in N86, they worked well and in a high quality.

    can anyone help me please ??

    I tried a lot of extensions :S the same problem,

    by the way, this problem appears clearly when you play the video in te dark, and if you play the video in the light, you will think the video has a high quality :S

    can anyone tell me how can I raise "bit rate" in Video more than 10000 kbit/s, cuz i checked the video that's the own of mobile, and it worked well without any problem and it has these details


    Name: TheRide
    Format: video/X-HX-AVC1
    Resolution: 1280x720
    bit rate: 10447 kbit/s

    my question is, Does this problem happen with all nokia c7-00, or it just with my own c7 :S, I wanna know the answer cuz if that's a problem, I should give it back to the seller

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    Re: please help me, problem in nokia C7-00 :S

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, as this DiBo concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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