I'm trying to launch the WAP Browser (wmlBrowser.app on the device, browser.app on the emulator) at a local file; and I'm having problems. In fact I'm having problems launching it with a URL at the moment...

The code I've found (from here somewhere) is:

void CMyDocument::LaunchURL(CMyString& aLink)
#ifdef __WINS__
_LIT(KToDoFileName, "z:\\System\\Apps\\Browser\\Browser.app");
_LIT(KToDoFileName, "z:\\System\\Apps\\WmlBrowser\\WmlBrowser.app");

CApaCommandLine* cmdLine=CApaCommandLine::NewLC();

TPtr url((unsigned short *)aLink.Cstr(), aLink.Size());
HBufC * arg = HBufC::NewLC(url.Length()+3);
*arg = _L("4 ");

CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); // cmdLine, arg

This launches the WAP browser, and seems to try to launch the URL passed in - but (even before trying to connect) says that the URL is invalid. Does anyone know what format is valid? I've tried a few variations but the error always pops up saying "check url"

And beyond that... does anyone know how (if?) I can point it at a .wml deck on the c: drive?

And finally... does anyone know what the other launch codes are? '4' in the above code seems to be the magic number for launching a URL... so what about 0, 1,2 and 3???