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    Help with QSound, I have tried almost everything

    Ok, simple stuff here. I just started developing with QT. I must say the information is way too disperssed in my opinion, but anyways, I am just trying to make an specific kind of timer for my own use. My testing mobile device is a Nokia 5800.
    I managed to do the timer and everthing, the only thing left is the Sound. But it's really hard to get it to work.
    - At first, I tried using the file from the resources, no luck, then I read that QT for Symbian won't play sounds from resources.
    - I have tried opening an absolute path from my local computer, it works nice with simulator, but not with mobile device (obviously...)
    - I have also tried copying the file into the tmp folder and then read from there directly. I checked if it copies the file successfully, and in both cases the file exists. Sound works on emulator, doesn't work on mobile device.
    - I have tried the same, but copying in the current working folder, same checks, same results.

    Also, I checkes with QSound::isAvailable(), and it tells me I can play sounds in both, simulator and mobile device.
    Is it THAT hard to get sound working in QT? Any solutions? I read something about DEPLOYMENT, but I don't know exactly how to do that...

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    Re: Help with QSound, I have tried almost everything

    I don't know if i catch what you want.
    If you want play a sound file, like .wav:
    1 - in the .pro file you must transfer a file:
    mySound.sources = Path\Dir\*.wav
    DEPLOYMENT = mySound
    2 - Play sound with QSound:
    QSound:: play("my.wav");

    In the step 2, you get the file in this manner because in first step you have asked for. You can use "mySound.path = mydir\OnDevice" to copy file in a specific path within device.
    If you want to use it on simulator, you just copy wav in the root of the application's path of the simulator
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    Re: Help with QSound, I have tried almost everything

    Thanks. It seemed the problem was the WAV itself. I tried another WAV and it works perfectly ^^

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