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    Problem with startup app in Python

    Hi friends.

    I wrote my app in Python. Everything works well on device and emulator. I sign it by ensymble with success and install it with success.
    But now I want my app starts on device with startup option. So I added to ensymble --autostart option and it is a problem. Program does not start automatically ( after reboot device ). I must start it manualy.
    I dont know where is problem.

    I have UID from symbiansigned.com ( range from protected range generated from app name )
    I have cert and key files

    command for Ensymble:

    D:\PROGRAMMING_Symbian\Python2.5.4\python ensymble_python2.5-0.27.py py2sis --uid=0x2003ABD7 --appname=myapp --version=1.0.6 --caption="myapp"
    --lang=EN --drive=E --caps=LocalServices+Location+NetworkServices+ReadUserData+UserEnvironment+WriteUserData+PowerMgmt+ProtServ+ReadDeviceData+SurroundingsDD+SwEvent+TrustedUI+WriteDeviceData
    --cert=mycert.cer --privkey=mykey.key --vendor="Adam" --autostart --runinstall myapp.py myapp.sis

    Any suggestions ????

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    Re: Problem with startup app in Python

    I solved problem myself.

    Problem was that -> my app and Python was installed on different drive ! I installed the both on the same drive ( c: ) and everything works well !


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