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    Java app - holding a thread ?

    A general question;
    What is the recommendation - if a J2ME app playing an audio <player.start ()>, should the app need to wait till the track finishes.

    For ex.
    while (playerPlaying) { // playerPlaying is boolean, set to false at End-Of-Media
    Thread.sleep (1);

    Or is it not a good practice to "hold" the thread ???

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    Re: Java app - holding a thread ?

    I think that you should play the sound file inside thread only and only if the player started request was from the Event Handler like the commandAction() or the keyPressed() etc. Else you are not required to play the same file on the thread.

    Why are you planning to run the same file on the thread?
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    Re: Java app - holding a thread ?

    don't hold the thread.
    instead, give your player a PlayerListener ( http://java.sun.com/javame/reference...rListener.html ) which will notify you when the track is finished.

    it is generally not a very good practice to hold a thread, but there are exceptions where it is perfectly justified.
    the correct method is to use the wait/notify mechanism :
    in Thread 1 run() :

    synchronised (this) {

    Anywhere, when the thread 1 should continue :
    synchronized (thread1) {

    use with caution. the use of synchronized blocks can lead to deadlocks and other unexpected behaviours.

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