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    debugging helper libraries not found at .


    I have the NokiaQtSDK installed with the Qt Creator.

    While I build "Simulator QT for MinGW" I can launch debugging session, but when I set the breakpoint it complains about the lack of debugging helper libraries. It says "The debugging helper library was not found at .".

    What I noticed in the message is the '.' at the end which doesn't mark the end of the sentence but rather the path. I guess I should have those libraries installed by default so how can I check their existence or where is the path defined? There is no button "rebuild" in the QT->Qt4 section in settings for this SDK.
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    Re: debugging helper libraries not found at .

    So after browsing other forums a bit I found out that there are different debuggers that I can use with Qt Creator, apparently!

    The newest one which is recommended for Qt Creator you can find here
    Download it and unpack to some folder in your NokiaQtSdk
    Point Qt Creator’s gdb path (Options -> Debugger -> Gdb -> Gdb Location) to the gdb.exe file in the folder you just created.
    I have had toolchains: MinGW, Other, <Unknown> marked and it just works now!

    More info can be found here
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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