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    Search -> Repeat search -> Post new thread

    I guess it's an obvious pattern for users, to try to
    1) search for an answer in a particular sub-forum,
    2) change the phrase to narrow down the search
    3) and finally post a new thread in this sub-forum if no answer was found
    Would it be possible do do it without clicking "back"? The "search" field disappears once it has been filled.
    Also "post new thread" disappears then.

    Also there is no option to search in particular Category
    so i.e. If I'm not sure if some answer would be in "general discussion" or "multimedia" or "interface" for either C++ or Qt, I have to search each of them one by one

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    Re: Search -> Repeat search -> Post new thread

    You should be using the advanced search, in the top of the left hand side column. However the forum search is limited to what vBulletin has and you maybe can get more exact searching using the Nokia search at the top of the page by your username.


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    Re: Search -> Repeat search -> Post new thread

    Discussion boards search is really vast normally and so is the wiki content. Most of the results are often irrelevant or just confusing if you search using the box at the top right corner.
    I agree, maybe I don't use advanced search too much, but I thought it's quite basic thing to narrow down the search after you type a phrase. I guess everybody have used i.e. ebay to know what I mean.
    I haven't heard of "vBulletin" though. How does it limit forum search?

    PS. Nice chopper.
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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    Re: Search -> Repeat search -> Post new thread

    Quote Originally Posted by krix View Post
    I haven't heard of "vBulletin" though. How does it limit forum search?
    The site runs on vBulletin engine (http://www.vbulletin.com/)

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