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    GetResourceAsStream I NEED HELP

    hi! how do i know if i accessed the file successfully on my res folder?

    InputStream in = getClass().getResourceAsStream("filename");
    // display TRUE if accessed
    //display FALSE if not accessed

    is this correct?

    and what is the proper way of accessing the file?

    getResourceAsStream("/filename"); // with slash


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    Re: GetResourceAsStream I NEED HELP

    Yes. getResourceAsStream() returns null if the resource could not be opened.

    The file name should always start with a "/". getResourceAsStream() is a method of Class, because it uses the class loader to load the resource. Because of this, a path without a leading "/" is relative to the path (package) of the class, which can lead to confusing results. If the name starts with a "/", then it is relative to the root of the application's JAR file.

    Be careful to match the case of the file name. Some devices are case-sensitive, while some are not. Again, this can lead to confusing results, where your app works on some phones and not others.


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