The newly released Qt SDK 1.1 Tech Preview supports Qt Quick, a UI technology that enables developers and UI designers to work together and create animated, touch-enabled UIs and applications easily. The technology and tooling makes for such quick development, we thought we'd have a quick competition.

For your chance to win one of several new Nokia E7-00 devices (see the device specs page), you have about six weeks to create a new Forum Nokia Project or new Forum Nokia Wiki article (with code). This should be more than enough time to do something amazing, because:

•Qt Quick introduces QML, a declarative language that makes creating stunning UIs easy. (Your app logic can be written in any combination of QML, JavaScript, and Qt C++).
•[Qt SDK 1.1 Tech Preview] introduces a QML visual designer that allows round-trip updates from the visual pallette and resulting source-code files.
•[Qt SDK 1.1 Tech Preview] supports simulators to test your apps on Symbian, Maemo (Nokia N900), and desktop platforms.
•[Qt SDK 1.1 Tech Preview] handles all the packaging issues for you. Build SIS files for Symbian (required for the Projects division of the competition) and distribution packages for Maemo.

For Full Information see the Forum Nokia Wiki "The_Quick_Competition_2011Q1" page