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    Exclamation mobile app. start-up is very SLOW

    hi guys, i have this mobile application with around 14,000 .amr audio files within its .src folder, is there a way that i could make this mobile app's start-up FASTER? coz it takes around 25-30 secs to load the first screen, i actually tried to put a splash screen also , but then, it also takes that same amount of time to load the splash screen, any solutions?

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    Re: mobile app. start-up is very SLOW

    First, if you're loading these files in the MIDlet's constructor or in startApp(), then don't. I recommend you remove all code from the contructor, and keep startApp() as short as possible. Methods like startApp() that respond to events sent from the device itself must return as quickly as possible, If you need to do something time consuming, then you need to start a thread to do it. This won't make the loading faster, but it will enable the application to display things and remain responsive to input while it loads.

    Do you need to load everything during start up? This will not only be time consuming, but will take a lot of memory, and restrict the range of devices on which your application will work. Is it possible to load them as you need them? Or load certain groups as required?


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