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Thread: low level UI

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    Question low level UI

    I would like to know how do i thicken the line of the arc drawn using drawArc?

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    Re: low level UI

    You can't able to thick the line or arc.But there i one way
    g.drawArc(1, 1,getWidth()/2,getHeight()/2, 0, 90);
    g.drawArc(0, 0,getWidth()/2,getHeight()/2, 0, 90);
    g.drawArc(-1, -1,getWidth()/2,getHeight()/2, 0, 90);
    g.drawArc(-2, -2,getWidth()/2,getHeight()/2, 0, 90);

    This is the way by drawing the arc nearby you can able to draw make arc thicker.
    All the best

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