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    New device in distribution, C7-00_1

    Under Symbian 3, but I can't find any description of such a beast. Is it just a mistake?

    Btw., in my experience QA is slower for Symbian 3 devices if the application supports both S60 5th edition and Symbian 3, or is it just a coincidence?

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    Re: New device in distribution, C7-00_1

    QA has been very long for me for every submission supporting both Symbian 3 and S605th edition (3 instances so far, about 3 weeks each time). I have published in the past for S60 only, and it was fast (about 1 week, but it may be that QA was just much faster a few months ago, regardless of supported devices...).

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    Re: New device in distribution, C7-00_1

    Hi everybody.
    Do you know all the time they are late nowadays in publishing?


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