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Thread: Bug fixing?

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    Bug fixing?

    I was wondering if Nokia is bugfixing the Carbide applications ever?

    I ask because I have noticed alot of bugs in the Carbide Theme Edition 3.0 I am using.

    Some are minor but there are also some serious issues that more or less makes it impossible to have a workflow.
    One of the bigger problems to me is that saving projects leads to that my groups.xml file is always being messed up with buggy records. It seems like it is misreading the settings loaded and saves tones as maincolors and by that creates new maincolors.

    Or if Nokia doesnt tend to fix things like this are there alternatives to the Carbide applications that anyone can recommend?

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    Re: Bug fixing?

    hi, add me to the bug contributor list too..
    maybe some nokia guys read this

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