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    Image Editor API?

    I'm writing an application for Symbian (mainly 5h edition) in which the user is supposed to manually crop one of his gallery photos.
    What i would like to do is this:

    1) the user load & view an image (from his phone)
    2) the user draw a square over the image
    3) the application crop that square from the image, and store the image (for further access, via File/Access API)

    My question is: there is any API (something like the crop function of the official Image Editor) to do that?, maybe via APIBridge?
    (I think there is a such API for iPhone & Android)

    If not, what can I do?

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    Re: Image Editor API?

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!

    No, there is no "image editor" API.

    There are two ways to crop an image.

    1. Use getRGB() to get the pixel data from the original image as a int[], copy the pixels you want to another int[], then use createRGBImage() to create a cropped copy.

    2. Create an image of the size you want when cropped, then draw the uncropped image onto it, at the appropriate negative coordinates, so that the part of the image you want appears on the new image.

    You will be doing a lot of image manipulation of this kind. Note that there is also no API for scaling an image (which you will need to display a large image on a small screen), nor to encode an image as JPEG or PNG (or any other format). However, you will find sample code for a lot of what you need on the Forum Nokia Wiki.


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