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    Exclamation Downloading and install emulator and then pys60

    Hey guys

    I have been googling for quite a while now.
    All I need is an emulator for Either nokia e72 or 5800 where I can install pys60 and test it.
    I cant find teh emulator anywhere on this site.

    I tried the one with QT sdk but was not able to do anythin with it.


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    Re: Downloading and install emulator and then pys60


    You can download the SDK (which has the emulator) from here. Then, after you install it (remember to read the release notes to see what additional software you may need, like a JRE) download the PyS60 plugin from here (Python_2.0.0_SDK_3rdEdFP2.zip) and extract that archive in the directory where you installed the SDK (by default C:\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0, for example).

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