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    alarm in Event list

    I want to make alarm when an event occur.
    What is the third parameter (600) of that addInt() method?
    Event new_event = null;
    if (el.isSupportedField(Event.ALARM))
    new_event.addInt(Event.ALARM, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, 600);

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    Re: alarm in Event list

    According to PIMItem documentation (!), addInt "Adds an integer value to a field in the item. The value is appended as the last data value in the field's array, similar to Vector.addElement. PIMList.isSupportedField(int) should be used to verify the field validity for this item prior to invoking this method.", and the field Event.ALARM is described as :
    "Field specifying a relative time for an Alarm for this Event. (...) The alarm is expressed in seconds".
    Also, "For example, if this field has a value of 600, then the alarm first occurs 600 seconds before the date/time value specified by Event.START.", which means that the Event has a Start attribute, and that the alarm is triggered to inform you of the incoming event.

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