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    App Discovery apps allowed on OVI?

    Has Nokia made any official statement regarding app discovery apps and if they're allowed on OVI? Or have any developers had experiences submitting app discovery apps?

    (An app discovery app is an app that helps you discover other apps. It doesn't circumvent the main store for sales or downloads, but presents a different front-end for a specialized market.)

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    Re: App Discovery apps allowed on OVI?

    If the applications helps discovering others apps from any other channel than Ovi Store, then I would suppose it would not be allowed. Then if it helps discovering applications only from Ovi store, then I suppose it might be ok, anyway, it is always better to ask through email from the publicer support, that way you would have someting more official, as well as you could use that written statement later on if anybody asks.

    Discussion baords are anyway public places in where people can express their opinions and sometimes they might also give wrong answers. Also though I'm Forum Nokia technical expert, I'm not official Ovi store support person.

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