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    Question stream internet permission and apn type

    I developed a video app. it runs streaming videos. and there is a few other http connection. when I use http connection, device wants permission, then shows a apn select box. and you can select apn that will be used by http connection.

    but, when I try to run streaming links over MediaPlayer, device also wants permission but doesnt show apn select box. so, I cannot select the apn that should be used by video streaming. how can I set which apn will be used by MediaPlayer ?? I tested it in 5800 and N8, their both results are same. I can set the apn in s40 devices, but I cannot find settings for video streaming in s60 devices ?? is there any option for this ? or can I specify it in j2me ?

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    Re: stream internet permission and apn type

    It's buried deep...

    Settings -> Application Manager -> Installed Apps -> (select app) -> Options -> Suite settings -> Access point


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    Re: stream internet permission and apn type

    I do not think, this applies to rtsp or which protocol/how do you stream? The RTSP-APN is set ‘somewhere’ in the settings of the internal streaming App, for example Nokia N8-00: Menu » Video » Options » Settings » Access Point » … did that help?

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