Hi all experts,

i'm new to Symbian C++, i got a project that the main functionality is tagging image
so i need to retrieve and post image from my mobile into my webserver, so i'm gonna using web service as the route
from my mobile into webserver.

Well i'm saving all my image from my mobile on database SQL 2008 on my webserver which is using byte[] array data type.
So when ever i'm gonna retrieve or post, my web service will gonna ask for byte[] array as the string parameter to my mobile device.

Currently i've done the post and retrieve image into local database on my mobile, which is using BLOB data type to save my image.
And now my problems is :
1. How do i convert image from my local db into byte[] array so that i can send it to web service
2. What is the max length of TBUFF data type? The reason is because i need to send the URL + byte[] array converted + some information, it could be very long string
3. If i cant using byte[] array, what data type do u suggest me to use?

I'm using Nokia C600 and Carbide vs 2.6 as my application tools.
I'm using SOAP method and Json library to catch feedback from web service.
My url for retrieve data is : http://localhost/XXX.Service/GetTags/{userId}/{longitude}/{latitude}/{range}
My url for post data is : http://localhost/XXX.Service/PostTags/{userId}/{image}/{note}

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Best Regards,