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    smart installer fails with "unable to delete file"


    smart installer do all the steps successfully until installing the application itself it gives me " unable to delete file error"

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    Re: smart installer fails with "unable to delete file"

    You might want to tell folks what sort of device you were installing on, what was previously loaded on the device, etc.

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    Re: smart installer fails with "unable to delete file"

    thanks , the problem is solved

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    Re: smart installer fails with "unable to delete file"


    Great to know that you solved your problem. Would have been awesome if you could have posted your solution.

    I am facing a similar problemn. I have developed an application which has an auto update feature. The way it works is that the App queries the server to check if there is an update available. If there is an update available it pulls and saves the .sis file in Phone memory, after that it launches the installer and exits the application.

    Below is code for the same. However the application is unable to install, it failes to install saying "Unable to delete file". Not sure what is going wrong. If I install the update from outside the application it works just fine.

    Really hoping to get some help from the experts.

    RApaLsSession lsSession;
    TThreadId threadId;

    if(BaflUtils::FileExists(CEikonEnv::Static()->FsSession(), UPDATE))
    User::LeaveIfError(rFile.Open(CEikonEnv::Static()->FsSession(), UPDATE, EFileRead));
    lsSession.StartDocument(rFile, threadId, NULL);



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