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    Forum Nokia's The Quick Competition 2011Q1

    Did I mention we have a contest to go with this release?

    You can Win an E7 just by writing a Wiki article or creating a simple project.

    See full rules at Forum Nokia's The Quick Competition 2011Q1 Wiki page

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview

    I have the following tools installed in my system, can I make Qt C++ apps and submit here https://projects.forum.nokia.com/home/

    Group A:
    1. Carbide C++ 2.3
    2. Qt for Symbian 4.6.3

    Group B:
    1. Qt Creator 2.0.1
    2. Qt SDK 2010.05

    Can I use the older version of Qt SDK or do I need to install Qt SDK1.1 Technical Preview for this contest?
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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview

    The contests asks for a Qt Quick application which works on a Symbian^3 device. There is no way you can do that using Qt 4.6.x since Qt Quick was only introduced in Qt 4.7.
    As for the choice of tools, that's entirely up to you.
    -- Lucian

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