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    QUdpSocket problems on windows?

    Hi all,
    i'm still writing a QT application ( a listener ) : i have some problems on a QUdpSocket call.
    My environment

    a) WIn XP with firewall disabled.
    b) a external source emitting UDP datagrams ( via WiFi connection)

    this piece of code

    udpSocket = new QUdpSocket(this);
    QString sAdd = "";
    QHostAddress address(sAdd);
    connect(udpSocket, SIGNAL(readyRead()),
    this, SLOT(readPendingDatagrams()));

    fail! ( in windows but not in Mac), Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: QUdpSocket problems on windows?

    check udpSocket->errorString() for an error description.

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    Re: QUdpSocket problems on windows?

    bind() was not called in QAbstractSocket::UnconnectedState , but the SIGNAL in connect is ReadyRead (?) We have tried to change the signal in connected() with the same result.

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