Yesterday and today I received the following notification from Ovi QA:
Dear Publisher,
Thank you for submitting XXX. Unfortunately the content item and or file did not pass the Ovi Store quality assurance (QA) review process.

Comments from the QA team:
Dear publisher,

While processing your content we confirmed your application includes a UID NOT assigned to you by Nokia. Our processes for signing content requires the UID displayed in your application to match a UID assigned to you by Nokia. Therefore, we are contacting you as soon as possible to request your assistance in resolving this discrepancy in UID.

In order for Nokia to continue with processing your content for signing, it will need to be repackaged with the UID assigned to you by Nokia and resubmitted as soon as possible.

For more information on "Packaging and Signing your content", please go to the following link for assistance: http://www.forum.Nokia.com/Distribut..._signing.xhtml.

The UID displayed in your application is: 20009A7E (public, Moderation signing in progress -> Qa failed)
Ok, everything clear. BUT the UID "20009A7E" is from a Nokia signed package (the OpenC/C++ libraries provided and signed by Nokia) which is included in my program's sis-package. This has worked fine until yesterday where I started to get these media failed notifications. First the application was published unsigned which caused a lot of angry users. Now the application has disappeared and is unpublished and not visible to users!
I am really angry at the moment because the application was reviewed under several relevant websites (one of them is the Ovi application blog...), got a lot of sales and now all links from these sites lead to "Product not available" errors and I get request from users (by email) that they want the app.

Have you faced a similar problem with packaged UIDs?