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    Signing with developer certificate

    I was developing and testing my Qt application with self-signing. Now i have been gotten UID and developer certificate from Nokia.
    I made some changes in .pro file:
    #UID from protected range
    TARGET.UID3 = 0x20039---
    #Reserved wrapper package UID
    Then application was built with dev. certificate signing (with Qt-creator).
    After that: make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=developer.cer QT_SIS_KEY=developer.key

    When i try install app it starts. I get right info about vendor, then installer request internet connection, download first Qt component, trying to install. I get something like "Cancel installation" message and "Error"(without any error code or error description).

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    Re: Signing with developer certificate

    Have you followed the steps given in this article : Developer certificate

    Best regards,

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