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    QHttp.readall() not reading the whole data ........

    Hello Friends,

    I am facing problem during using http.readall(), the web page contains so many data , but i am getting less data from this readall() method, i don't know what is the reason behind it , might be its due to buffer limitation, pls, tell what is the proper implementation to read data from url by using http.get ......


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    Re: QHttp.readall() not reading the whole data ........

    QHttp => you can find the Qt boards just next to the Symbian C++ ones.

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    Re: QHttp.readall() not reading the whole data ........

    First of all you should be using QNetworkAccessManager instead of deprecated QHttp
    and you can call readAll() only when finished signal.

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    Re: QHttp.readall() not reading the whole data ........

    Yes, the simple answer is don't use QHttp.

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