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Thread: serial number

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    serial number

    i'm sorry but this is a very general question, i downloaded the series 60 MIDP SDK 1.0 for Symbian OS, but the link to request the serial number is nowhere to be found, could someone please direct me to there? thanx a lot!

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    Use theisntaller to have it email it to you

    I might be missunderstanding.

    But if you install the SDK you downloaded during the installation there will be a screen where you can request that a serial number to be sent to you. When it asks for the username and serial number the first time just leave it blank,and press next. On the next screen you can input your nokia username and password and it will email you the serial number to the email you sign up with at Nokia.

    I hope this is what you are looking for.

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    Re: serial number

    You will be able to find the serial no. from this link. I also had difficulties to find this.

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    Re: serial number

    The link says "Error: 500".
    Please Help, always get an error "An error occured when reading data from servlet" when installing.

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