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    LCD UI PROBLEM (help? anyone?)

    Hi developers.. I'm having a problem with my own made Inbox where a list of items is shown in the form

    looks like this on screen: (imagine this as an inbox list)

    Message 1
    Message 2
    Message 3
    Message 4

    HOW am I able to access (read) the highlighted item for example "Message 2"? Is there an index on the list that I should use in order to access the highlighted item?
    As of now, I can only access "Message 1" even if I'm pressing at "Message 4"..

    Any help would be appreciated.. thanks

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    Re: LCD UI PROBLEM (help? anyone?)

    Take a look at the JavaDocs for the List class (I'm assuming you're using List).

    int getSelectedIndex() Returns the index number of an element in the List that is selected.

    String getString(int elementNum) Gets the String part of the element referenced by elementNum.

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