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    Question Is this possible on flashlite?

    I would like to make a flash lite games like guitar hero..

    What flashlite version can support this?

    And does flash lite can use bluetooth for multiplayer games?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Is this possible on flashlite?

    Hi saber210,
    It is possible to create a guitar hero type game in Flash Lite but few things worth mentioning :
    1- Flash Lite 4 for Symbian^3 doesn't have multi touch support yet.
    2- I still experience a delay in playing sound when it is triggered which can be critical .Better to play a single sound in background and add no sounds on taping.
    3- There is no support of Bluetooth in pure Flash Lite yet.But u can go for a 3rd party solution.
    Hope it helps..

    Best Regards,

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