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    How to create sis file of Qt Quick app that works on OVI Store.


    First I know how to deploy the Qt Quick app to device and generate sis file.

    But I have some questions.

    1) To publish app for OVI Store can we use Qt SDK 1.1 TP for developement ? If not, than which SDK i can use for that and how i can make sis files there of QML app ?

    2) If i create the sis file from Qt SDK , is that signed Symbian file or i need to sign sis file by contacting OVI Store Publish team as written in OVI Store's home screen ?

    3) When i deployed my Qt Quick App to my Nokia N8 , i needed to install Qt 4.7 on my device. after only it is working. So how OVI store Users can install it on their's mobile (Say only Symbian 3 users) by downloading my app from OVI Store??

    4) Will be Qt 4.7 automatically installed on their device to run QML App?

    5) if not what is the solution and how i can distribute my QML app using OVI??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to create sis file of Qt Quick app that works on OVI Store.

    hello chintan

    to cover all your questions in short:

    as of now you cant deploy Qt apps on ovi store with 4.7 as the base version .


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    Re: How to create sis file of Qt Quick app that works on OVI Store.

    You have to wait until the final Qt SDK 1.1 is out and use that to build your application for distribution. Of course you can use the technical preview version to develop your app for now.

    As not all Symbian and S60 phones have Qt 4.7 preinstalled, the required Qt packages (if missing) will be pulled to the customer's device with the help of Smart Installer.

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    Re: How to create sis file of Qt Quick app that works on OVI Store.

    This, and other related FAQs are covered in http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...nology-Preview
    -- Lucian

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    Re: How to create sis file of Qt Quick app that works on OVI Store.

    And I was wondering, that is there plans to ease off the process of building these applications into native apps (for linux/osx/windows because Qt should be multi platform, right?) that run without user having to install Qt/QML? There are no proper instructions for doing this.

    I read somewhere that macdeployqt would be the way to go, but if I use it on some qml app and try to run it, the app crashes. AND I see that the app size has grown from 150kb -> over 50mb. Really.. libraries needed for running QML is 50 mb ? No way?

    Nokia if you ever want non geeky developers to develope apps for you with great volume, you need to make deployment for QML apps (for every platform, including win/lin/osx.. not just symbian or so) easy and solid. Painless deployment and development with QML could persuade developers to create something for your phones too.

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