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    login screen+english keyboard+j2me

    hi,I want to make application in j2me where there is login screen.Now i am having an mobile motorola A1200 It is having English touchscreen keyboard to write message.So how can i write the code such that i integrate with this keypad through my j2me code.

    I know keypressed and pointerpressed event
    Does it be possible with this events.Please help me.

    Thank you

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    Re: login screen+english keyboard+j2me

    Motorola also have a developer forum.

    It is likely that, if you use the LCDUI high-level components (like Form and TextField), the touch-screen keyboard will appear automatically.

    If you're using low-level components, like Canvas, you are likely to be unable to access the on-screen keyboard. That is, unless there is some special Motorola API. You need to go to the Motorola site and get the developer documentation for that device.


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    Re: login screen+english keyboard+j2me

    if the implem,entation is same that both are supporting java i dont think that input variablty should give any problem

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