I need some quick help with Pys60 Bluetooth chat example that commonly floats around the net. When I try to run the script,

def chat_client():
conn = socket.socket(socket.AF_BT, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
address, services = socket.bt_discover()
if 'btchat' in services:
channel = services[u'btchat']
conn.connect((address, channel))
print "Connected to server!"
talk(None, conn)
my client discovers the phones good enough ( the server too) but as soon as I click on a device for it to connect, the python in the client side closes. It doesn't move past the bt_discover() function. I checked that by creating a file just below the line ( which didnt get created)

Any ideas on why it is closing abruptly and a possible solution?

Any help is much appreciated!