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    Question Object Deserialization

    I am having a hard time doing this and i only have this whole month to handle this problem..

    I have this SMS message sent in a specific port (5000). The message contains characters that came from a serialized object. A J2ME program is about to receive it and once it received the message, it will automatically deserialize it for the user to see the full view of the object. The user could change some things on the full view and once the user save the changes, the J2ME program will automatically serialize the object, convert it again into SMS message, then send the message to the number that sent the primary message.

    my question was, is this possible? in CLDC?

    I had researched and tested a running code that is able to send/receive SMS, and another code that serialize/deserialize a java object.

    please help me

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    Re: Object Deserialization

    Yes, although you have to implement serilaization and desericalization yourself as Java ME does not offer that. This oldish blog post might give you some hints


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    Re: Object Deserialization

    thank you for the immediate reply
    and thank you for a positive response

    i researched and found a code, made out of j2me that uses this ByteArrayOutputStream/DataOutputStream to serialze and ByteArrayInputStream/DataInputStream to deserialize what has been serialized by the serializer. I wanted to modify it but i cant :P

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