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    pushing an application to the foreground

    hi, i have written an application which when it detects certain situation it presents it to the user.
    the intention is to run this application in the background all the time.
    the problem is that when the situation is detected and the appl is in the background it can do, to draw
    the user attention to it, is to vibrate and play sounds. but the user would not know which application it is.
    is there a way in java to make the application jump to the foreground? so that flashing the back light is possible...

    same problem occurs when the application is in the foreground but the display dims after having not used it for a couple of minutes
    and another situation is when a screen saver activates...
    i need a solution for all 3 situations, but any would help.
    is there anything that can be done?

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    Re: pushing an application to the foreground

    to set a j2me app to the background use the following in your midlet class:

    Display.getDisplay (this).setCurrent (null);

    to get the screen back use the following:

    Display.getDisplay (this).setCurrent (myCanvas);

    Where myCanvas is your canvas instantiation

    p.s. You can still use a thread or timer to do things in the background while your midlet is hidden.

    p.s.2: this does not work on all models. (Works on Nokia s60)

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