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    Web kit Browser APIs

    Hi Experts,

    I have a requirement to read some values returned in one of the browser session from a web portal to my Symbian QT Application running on the device
    The flow goes like this

    1. Through the Nokia/Symbian device internet browser, I will be logging into a web site to register myself with user id, password and a code provided by the portal.
    The portal server validates the credentials for authentication and then responds with certain valid information back to the device browser in the same session.
    2. The valid information must be passed or read by my application which either just got started and running in the back ground or just started, but needed to be woken up with a signal from the browser with the values passed to it.

    I know very few things about Browser and browser controls APIs in the S60 5th edition or the latest Symbian ^ 3 platform version. I am using QT as development environment and hence eirther looking for a QT web kit API or Symbian C++ API which can be used for this purpose.

    Can any expert help me or point to some documents/code to do this ?


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    Re: Web kit Browser APIs

    Search for "httpfilter". If that's not enough for your case, then you can't do it in the way you wish (the default browser has no APIs that allow external apps to read what it has received from the web, nor does it have any kind of callback mechanisms to return data to another app, or start it, either).

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    Re: Web kit Browser APIs

    Hi Petri,

    Thanks for your response.

    Well, I have done some reading on the HTTP filer. Still not very sure whether filter helps my requirements or not

    My minimal requirement is
    1. Device browser goes to my web site and downloads my application SIS
    2. App gets installed and started in the back ground via Application installer in the device and it listens to some P&S or centrep or IPC from my HTTP plugin
    3. At the end of installation phase, the device browser redirects the user to a special URL (need to figure out how to do it from the app server scripts)
    4. HTTP filter plug in reads the URL and writes the information to some file/public variables like P & S or centrep key of my app
    5. My app reads the information and starts talking to the web server for any further communication

    The key practical issues what I have is

    1. Can I install my HTTP filter plug in as part of my application SIS file ?
    2. As I install the SIS file during the device browser session as explained above, can the HTTP plug-in start listening to the ongoing HTTP sessions as the browser extension ?


    do I need to make the HTTP Plug to package in a different SIS file and get that installed first even before I start the session to download the application SIS

    I will go for Symbian Signing of my application for the SIS file. If i need to go for creating two different SIS files, how will take care of signing both the SIS files ?

    Appreciate some tips/help to my requirement.


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