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    I am working on the project where i want to make login screen i.e 2 textfield 2 buttons.and i have to ue canvas only.I cannot able to use LWUIT becaus i am usng CLDC1.0 and MIDP 2.0.

    Not the thing is i am using this application in motorola A1200 which is having english qwerty kerpan.I had write my code for typing in keypressed event.But in my login screen the keyboard is not appearing .So that i enter the key and check its code.
    My problem is:-
    1)I want to use canvas but can;t able to get keypad from where i can type.

    Plz help me.

    Thank you

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    Re: Canvas+MotorolaA1200+Canvas+TextField

    You should ask Motorola (support channels) whether it is possible to show the software keyboard in subclasses of Canvas. However, on many other platforms like Nokia Series 40 you might loose Copy&Paste functionality for the TextField with such an emulated TextField approach.

    Have you considered to use the high-level API? Like a subclass of ‘Form’ with Item like ‘TextField’ plus two commands. Another option might be the Screen subclass ‘TextBox’, two in a row. If you are used to LWUIT, I am sure you are able to patch the parts your are using for CLDC 1.0. Or you consider to use J2ME Polish. Did that help?

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    Re: Canvas+MotorolaA1200+Canvas+TextField

    Also, see your previous thread on this issue.

    Some Motorola devices have their own UI API. You will need to go to the Motorola developer site to get the developer documentation for your device.


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