Some random thoughts and notes:

Beware that for Qt content the generated Marketing Banner is content item specific. So the duplicated content would need its own banner.
This means that if user has his cell set to Nokia 5800, but the banner is generated for N8 content, the user will get a message like:
"Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Browse more great content in the "Related" section below."
Which is quite confusing, as the same contents exists both for N8 and 5800XM.

Workaround is to change the URL inside the banner to something like from
the autogenerated one.

Hopefully they'll sort this out.


Have you guys been filling in the Spotlight Promotional Banners? I haven't but I wonder if I should...


Wish: It would be great to have some pool of promotional codes for purchasing so that we could a) double check test that the downloading works properly, without having to purchase our own products. b) Give these codes out to reviewers who might be more inclined to review something if they don't have to pay for it.