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    S60/Symbian Platform API partnering

    HI Experts,

    We as a company wanted to access few internal APIs from S60 and Symbian^3 for our application development. I came across about Nokia API partnering program through which we can contact Nokia Technical Support (so called LLA) to get into partnering program and get the access to APIs.

    How can I get into API partnering for Symbian^3 platform which is an Open Source Program ?
    How can I get into the process of API Partnering for S60 5th edition platform ?

    I have found the following link, but the information in those links seem to be outdated, as I am getting HTTP 404 for some of them.

    Can any one help with the correct information based on the recentmost developments in SFL/Nokia ?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: S60/Symbian Platform API partnering

    For Symbian^3, you could just look things up in the Symbian^3 source code yourself: http://symbian.nokia.com/2011/01/12/...oundation-ftp/

    If the same isn't enough to get things working on S60 5th Edition (Symbian OS v9.4), then you need help from Nokia. It might be possible to get through a technical support request: https://www.forum.nokia.com/Support/

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    Re: S60/Symbian Platform API partnering

    Yes, Symbian PDK 3.0.4 is extremely close to the N8 firmware. You should be able to use the headers and import libraries from the PDK on the N8 for almost everything. There are a few exceptions, like some low-level graphics stuff which is very different (but an app almost certainly wouldn't use directly), and there are a few things missing because they couldn't be open sourced.

    A technical support request is always the first step in API partnering anyway, but as Petri says, S^3 libraries may well work there too, as a lot of them are compatible. No guarantees going backwards though. If you have access to the SFL source for Symbian^2 from the Symbian Foundation then that's even closer to 5th Edition.

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