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    Taking a picture with Qt, for an Ovi store app

    What is the best way to snap a picture using Qt 4.6.3 and Qt Mobility 1.0.2? This is what's available now for Ovi. XQCamera crashes, QCamera is in Mobiliy 1.1
    Native Symbian? Can I embed it in a QWigdet? Can I use it with Nokia Qt SDK?


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    Re: Taking a picture with Qt, for an Ovi store app


    You can use Qt 4.7.1 and Mobility 1.1.0 with QCamera to take pictures. I does work.
    You can refer to this example :

    Although the example is pretty old, so you need some minor changes to make it work.


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    Re: Taking a picture with Qt, for an Ovi store app

    As the original query stated, Mobility 1.1.0 is not available at Ovi now, though it will be available later.

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