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    QT App with CameraWrapper

    Dear Sirs,

    Do you know of any problem in embedding the CameraWrapper API (from Forum Nokia) in a QT app installer and publishing it to OVI?

    I tried it and they failed QA, stating that i'm using an invalid UID in my app and referring the CameraWrapper UID as the culprit (2001EC5F).

    Of course i can change my code to use QT Mobility instead of CameraWrapper, but should'nt it be okay to embed an allready signed (by Nokia) sis?

    With my best regards,

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    Re: QT App with CameraWrapper

    Just resubmit it and tell them that that UID is from CameraWrapper; that is what I had successfully done. It appears as if there is a problem within their system and/or they hired new tester who do not understand how sis-packages do work.

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