has launched the industry first in-app analytical product for Qt Symbian and also supports Android. InAppTracking is an innovative in-application analytical tool that helps developers and marketers track, log and display user's engagement of apps. Simply add two lines of code and collect accurate, real-time data of how consumers use your app over your entire international user base, and over different handsets. You can log on the dashboard and track usage by time, date, application usage duration, country location, device model, etc...

The system works by linking the InAppTracking library to your app. The tracking library logs events in a queue and sends them to the analytics servers in small bursts whenever a signal is available. This transmission can be changed, via the dashboard, to live, daily or weekly without having to redeploy your app. Developers have the ability to track any part of your code and through the dashboard enable or disable any part of the tracking code. The Qt for Symbian library (beta 1.2.0) and Android (beta 1.2.0) are currently available to developers for download and ready to use in both free and more intensive paid packages.

We take personal data very seriously and have developed the analytical tool with a built-in privacy filter ensuring no personal user data is ever recorded. No particularly sensitive API’s are used and therefore dependencies with signed certificates are greatly simplified

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