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    Redrawing on the 3650 and 7650

    Please help me, I've been stuck on this problem for ages! I have a JAR file which works fine on the 7650, except that the screen will sometimes stop updating (every 20 keyPresses or so), although after a few more keyPresses it decides to start updating the display again.

    This is acceptable, but when I upload this JAR onto the 3650 phone, it fails in a similar way, only without updating the display after a few more keyPresses.

    I can get round this by holding the 'Switch Window' key, and selecting the program from the list of currently running programs.

    When it returns to the game, the display is updated with all the keyPresses that occurred after the display freezes.

    Please please PLEASE, any information would be really useful for me! TIA!!!


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    U can try the following thing :

    call "serviceRepaints" after calling any repaint method. i thk it gonna be better ...

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